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TALL's Daily Inspirations

Every day, here at TALLstudio, we are inundated with imagery from every angle...social media, the web in general, television, nature, the built world, it's unstoppable.  With images like this flowing in like a rushing stream (we are talking white water rafting here, not a calming babbling brook) how do you cull through it all, pick out those few precious and inspiring moments, and discard the rest?  We have rounded up a few of our favorite inspirational moments, and we would love to hear what keeps your mind running on a daily basis! Let us know below or shoot us an email...we might just feature them next go round!

TALLstudio - Inspiration - Texture and Pattern
TALLstudio - Inspiration
TALLstudio - Inspiration
TALLstudio - Inspiration
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TALLstudio - Inspiration - Space
TALLstudio - Inspiration - Form
TALLstudio - Inspiration - Pop Culture